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October 31, 2014


Dear Eagle Ridge Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:
Our third, fourth, and fifth grade students took the first set of BAF’s tests this week.  These tests are meant to assess mastery of Florida Standards that have been taught so far this year.  Our students did a GREAT job, as well as our teachers.  A special THANK YOU goes to Mrs. Davis for planning and organizing our testing so that it could go smoothly.  These test results will be on Virtual Counselor shortly.  Well done, Eagles!

Did you know that Coral Springs principals attend monthly meetings with Coral Springs city officials?   We are VERY fortunate to be a part of such a supportive city.  Mr. Vignola, City of Coral Springs Vice Mayor and ERE parent, leads these meetings which are a wonderful opportunity for principals to showcase their schools, to network, and to share ideas, concerns, and solutions. 

GREAT news!  Eagle Ridge will be implementing a new school-wide writing program soon.  Our teachers and staff will be participating in staff development with a consultant and with other schools in Broward County.  In addition, our students will be able to use iStation, an individualized instruction program delivered through technology, to help them improve reading skills.  We are always looking for ways to continue moving from GOOD to GREAT at Eagle Ridge Elementary!

IMPORTANT!  On June 9, 2014, the School Board of Broward County approved Resolution 14-88, which would put an $800 Million General Obligation Bond on the November 4th ballot. The proceeds of this bond will be utilized for capital improvements and to purchase technology for teachers and students. SMART stands for: Safety, Music and Art, Athletics, Renovation, and Technology.  or call 754-321-1104.  Thank you.

If you have any concerns, questions, or ideas, which you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher. Our Support Team members and I are also here to help, 754-322-6300. We look forward to seeing you around campus.

Have a wonderful week!

Marina S. Rashid,
The Luckiest and Proudest Principal

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “Your successes may not show up in the classroom.  Sometimes they show up when you expect them the least and need them the most.”  Apples and Chalk for Teachers, Vicki Caruana


Class Size and Student Placement
Due to the State Class Size Reduction law, students may need to be moved between teachers after the start of school to ensure compliance with the required student limits.  These limits are 18 students for Pre-Kindergarten to grade 3; 22 students for grades 4 to 8; and 25 students for grades 9 to 12 in core classes.   Please know that students’ needs, will continue to be met through proper instructionandservices. 

Mrs. Sierra – Assistant Principal  
Congratulations to the following classes for being selected to receive a special treat party for filling up their compliment charts during the first grading period: Mrs. Welser, Ms. Hayes, Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. Knobel, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Cummings class all earned the class reward. Great job to all the classes for earning compliments. We will do it all over again the second grading period.

Mrs. Figas - Literacy Coach
Students who have been identified as below grade level in one or more academic area will receive a Progress Monitoring Plan (PMP) with their first report card. The screening criteria used to determine this status were formal assessments. In order to address these identified deficiencies, the PMP will outline the plan your child's teacher has to address the area of deficiency. If you have any questions about the PMP, please contact your child's teacher.

Counseling and ESOL Corner – Ms. Davis
We have been receiving many food donations for the Harvest Drive.  Thanks for supporting this altruistic effort.  We are still in need of food items and will be accepting donations until November 14th.  So, if you have not donated food items yet, there is still plenty of time to bring them in.  There are many families in our district that need food for the Thanksgiving holiday and we want to assist as many families as possible in making their Thanksgiving a joyous occasion.  Let’s help instill altruism by giving our children the opportunity to help others.  A small food contribution can make a big difference to a family in need. 

ESE Corner – Mrs. Devaney
The Inclusive Schools Network (ISN) is a global resource and network of professionals, families, schools and organizations focusing on inclusive education around the world. At the heart of ISN is the mission: To encourage, embolden and empower people to design and implement effective inclusive schools, by sharing insights and best practices and by providing opportunities for connection. ISN provides year-round opportunities for families and educators to meet others on the same journey of building and sustaining inclusive schools and communities. Please visit their website at

Safety Tips – Officer Gasper
School Safety Tips

  • Be sure your child knows his and your contact information. He should have his full name and address, your full name and the best number to reach you at memorized.

  • Avoid labeling your child’s clothing, backpack or jackets with his name where it is visible. You don’t want a stranger to be able to call out your child by name, so be sure his name isn’t anywhere visible on his clothing or school bag.
  • Ask your child open ended questions. Make asking your child questions about how his day went a part of your afterschool routine.  If anything concerns you, bring it up with his teacher. Teach your child that it’s okay for him to talk to you and his teacher about his needs or concerns.
  • Be familiar with how your child’s school handles emergencies. Be sure to educate yourself about the policies and procedures regarding school lock downs and other emergencies. Let your child know who is listed on his emergency contact form.
  • Be a presence. Get involved in your child’s school. Join the PTA or volunteer to be a room mother. Let your presence declare that you have a serious interest in your child’s school year success.
  • Provide ways for your child to make friends. Get your child involved with something that interests him, encourage play dates and foster friendships. Being involved in a peer group can help your child feel positive about his school experience.
  • If your child walks or rides the bus to school, talk specifically about safety rules and have a set check-in time for him to call you when he gets home from school.
  • Role-play. Engage in situational role-plays that can help your child learn to navigate different situations that may come up. Role play possible ways of handling situations, like talking things out, compromising, telling a teacher or trusted adult or by asking to call home.
  • Consider providing your child with a preprogrammed cell phone. There are several cell phones on the market that allow a set number of contacts to be programmed into the phone
  • Pay attention. Pay attention to changes in your child’s eating habits, sleeping habits and personality. If you notice your child seems withdrawn or isn’t sleeping well, inquire as to why.  A change in behavior may signal that something is wrong.

Our children will look to us for reassurance about school. If we appear worried, we won’t do our children any good. While a cautious parent is a good parent, a wise parent will take great care to monitor the message they are sending to their child.


November Calendar of Events       

November 4th                        Teacher Planning Day
                                                     No School for Students

November 5th                        Sweet Tomato Family Night
                                                    5:00 p.m – 7:00 p.m

November 7th                         Fall Fundraiser Delivery

November 11th                       No School

November 13th                       Report Cards

November 18th                       4th Grade Field Trip
                                                      Coral Springs Center for the Arts

November 20th                       Interim Reports
                                                       Picture Retake Day

PTA News
November 5th  Sweet Tomatoes Destination Fundraiser
Our next Destination Fundraiser will be 
on Wednesday, November 5th from 5-7 pm
 at Sweet Tomatoes on University Drive. Flyers went home this week. Bring your flyer to ensure that a portion of the proceeds from your meal is returned to our school.


Please make sure that you discuss alternate arrangements for your children in case of severe weather, especially if they usually walk or ride their bikes home after school.

On days when we have light rain or rain without thunder or lightning, students will be dismissed normally, unless you have made special arrangements with your children.

Whenever there is thundering or lightning, walkers and bike riders will not be released until the severe weather lets up.  In cases of severe weather, even car loop students will stay in their classrooms, Media Center, and/or cafeteria until the weather clears.   Parents will be allowed to pick up their child from the classroom at their discretion.   Please bring along your picture ID.  Remember that our students’ safety is our utmost concern.  We ask for your patience and support, as dismissal will be delayed if there is severe weather in the area.  Crossing guards leave their posts at 2:30 p.m.

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