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April 21, 2014

Dear Eagle Ridge Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:

We held our PTA General Meeting this week.  I would like to THANK everyone who attended.  We would also like to show our appreciation to Mrs. Weisberg, 2013-14 PTA President and her PTA Executive Board (Tanya Andrews, Caryn Cipes, Liz Curtis, Ellen Malka, Charlotte Friborg, Kelley Sorensen, Sue Hofman and Lori Katz) for their leadership, dedication, and hard work.  Congratulations to our newly elected 2014-15 PTA Board: Cori Neustein, PTA President; PTA VP’s Caryn Cipes, Tanya Andrews, Laura McCloskey, Stacy Weisberg, and Diana Solomone; Susan Hofman, Secretary, Sarni Rosen, Corresponding Secretary, and Kelley Sorensen, Treasurer.  We know that we will continue to work together successfully with one common goal:  Our students’ success!

Our Principal for the Day, Zach Katz, shadowed me Wednesday.  He started the day off by doing morning duty with me, and then morning announcements followed by classroom visits.  He also got to speak with faculty and staff to find out about their job descriptions and daily responsibilities.  I feel honored to have had Zach spend time being the Luckiest and Proudest Principal with me.

It’s that time of the year again when we start looking for a new theme for the next school year.  If you have any ideas on what our theme for the 2014-15 school year should be, feel free to stop by and drop me a note, or you are welcome to call or email your ideas.  We value your feedback!

FCAT testing will take place, starting Tuesday, April 22, 2014.  We are confident that our students are ready and well prepared to be successful on these state tests.  I would like to thank our amazing team of students, parents, teachers, and staff.  Yes, it does take all of us to be awesome team that we are.  That’s why ERE is NUMBER ONE!  Watch out, FCAT 2.0, here come the Eagles!

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Marina Sanchez-Rashid,
The Luckiest and Proudest Principal

Quote of the week:  “Obstacles are those frightful things we see when we take our eyes off our goals.”  By Henry Ford

KIND REMINDER:  Students need to be on campus by the 7:55 a.m. bell so that they can make it to class on time.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Assistant Principal – Ms. Ringler
FCAT starts on Tuesday.  I would like to tell all our third, fourth and fifth graders to do their very best.  They have worked hard all year and now it's the time for them to show what they know.  Thank you to all the teachers for their hard work in preparing the students and to Mrs. Davis-Chance, our fabulous guidance counselor, for organizing the testing. 

Curriculum Specialist – Mrs. Sierra
On May 21st 2014, PTA and Eagle Ridge will be hosting a special Visiting Author for grades 3-5. Mr. Harvey Oyer is the recipient of 

the 2013 Florida Distinguished Author Award and a 5th generation Floridian who has written about life in Florida in the late 1800’s which focuses on young Charlie Pierce. Harvey is Charlie’s great-grand nephew.  His book ‘The Last Egret’ is part of the curriculum for many of the school Districts in Florida including Broward County. Students will take part in a 50-minute presentation with Mr. Oyer during the day with their class. Please visit to review the books available. Order forms for discounted books will be sent home soon! 

Counseling Corner – Mrs. Davis-Chance
Students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 are scheduled to take the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) beginning April 22nd. Grades 3 and 4 will take the Reading and Math Sessions April 22nd-25th. Grade 5 will take the Reading and Science Sessions April 22nd-25th. Grade 5 will take the On-line Math sessions April 28th-May 1st. Make-up testing for Grade 3 will be April 25th. Make-up testing for Grades 4 and 5 will be April 25th-29th. Make-up testing for the Grade 5 On-line Math test will be May 2nd-7th.

Please make sure your child is present and arrives on time to school each morning of the test.  The FCAT Test will assess high-level reading, math, and science standards appropriate for each grade.  Please make sure your child is well rested and eats a healthy breakfast to assure a great start.  I am sure with your support and encouragement he/she will do a great job.

ESE Updates– Mrs. Glaid
April is National Autism Awareness Month!  Please visit the Autism Society webpage for more information at

The next ESE Advisory Council Meeting will be held April 23, 2014 at Piper High School from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  For more information please visit

The next SAC/SAF meeting will be held on April 28, 2014 at 2:30 p.m. in the Staff Training Room.  We hope to see you all there!

Safety and Security Updates - Officer Gasper

Water Safety

The number one cause of death for children one to four years of age in Broward County is drowning. For every child that drowns, four more nearly drown – often with life altering injuries. Unlike so many other tragedies that we deal with in public safety, drowning is entirely preventable. It can happen to any family, but through awareness and education we can save lives. 

  • Assign an adult to constantly watch the children at all times when they are near or in any water (Pools, Canals, Ocean, Rivers, Lakes & Bathtubs).
  • If the assigned adult needs to leave, assign another adult with the responsibility of watching the children.
  • Never leave children alone in or near water for any period of time.
  • Have a pool safety check every 15 to 20 minutes to get a count of the children in the pool.
  • Use barriers to block children from the water area like a four-sided fence that is at least five feet high. 
  • Use self-closing and self-latching gates, door and window alarms, and pool guards to help prevent children from going into the water. 
  • Be prepared by learning CPR, keeping rescue equipment nearby and a telephone in the water area to contact 911 in case of an emergency.

April Calendar of Events       
April is Autism Awareness, School Library, Child Abuse Prevention, and Military Child Month

April 22                  FCAT Testing Begins for Grades 3, 4, and 5

April 23                  Office Staff Appreciation Day           

April 28                  SAC/SAF Meetings 2:30 p.m.

May 1                      Interim Reports Go Home

May 2                      PTA Spirit Day - Last One of the Year

May 8-9                  St. Augustine 4th Grade Field Trip

May 12-16             Teacher Appreciation Week 

May 12-16             Primary End of the Year Tests

May 15                   Curriculum Night, 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

May 16                   Walk or Bike to School Day

May 21                   Visiting Author (Grades 3-5)

May 22                   5th Grade Field Trip

May 23                   Teacher Planning Day

May 26                   No School

May 29                   Variety Show, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.


Ms. Hayes – Important Information
2013-2014 Yearbook Sale- Yearbooks are still on sale. There is only a small amount left available for purchase. Yearbook purchases are made only online. You will need your Child's Student ID number. The cost is $25.00. Don't forget to make your online order today!

PTA News
ERE PTA would like to take this opportunity to thank our 2013-2014 PTA Board for their leadership, support, dedication and extremely hard work during this school year!  Thank you to Stacy Weisberg, Tanya Andrews, Caryn Cipes, Liz Curtis, Ellen Malka, Charlotte Friborg, Kelley Sorensen, Sue Hofman & Lori Katz for their devotion to ERE! 

A big congratulation to our new incoming 2014-2015 PTA Board!  Congratulations to Cori Neustein, Tanya Andrews, Caryn Cipes, Stacy Weisberg, Laura McCloskey, Diana Salamone, Kelley Sorensen, Sue Hofman, and Sarni Rosen.  We are looking forward to a fantastic 2014-2015 with our wonderful new board!

Severe Weather Dismissal

Please make sure that you discuss alternate arrangements for your children in case of severe weather, especially if they usually walk or ride their bikes home after school. On days when we have light rain or rain without thunder or lightning, students will be dismissed normally, unless you have made special arrangements with your children.

Whenever there is thundering or lightning, walkers and bike riders will not be released until the severe weather lets up.  In cases of severe weather, even car loop students will stay in their classrooms, Media Center, and/or cafeteria until the weather clears.   Parents will be allowed to pick up their child from the classroom at their discretion. Please bring along picture ID.

Crossing guards leave their posts at 2:30 p.m. Pleas remember that our students’ safety is our utmost concern.  We ask for your patience, as dismissal will be delayed when there is severe weather in the area.  Thank you for your continued support.

As of May 1st 2014, the cafeteria will NO longer be accepting checks. You will need cash to pay for your child’s lunch.

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