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Dear Eagle Ridge Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:

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We held our first SAC and SAF Meetings this week.  I would like to thank everyone who attended and especially Mrs. Naik and Mrs. Simon, SAC Co-Chairs and Mrs. Sorensen, SAF Chair.  Mrs. Sierra, Assistant Principal shared a special presentation focusing on our 2014-15 School Improvement goals and how they relate to CARE (Curriculum, Assess and Analyze Data, Remediate and Enrich as needed) and BEST Blueprint with special focus on community involvement, RtI (Response to Intervention) and our school-wide Professional Learning Communities.   We hope to see you at our October SAC/SAF meetings.  Everyone is invited to attend these VERY educational monthly meetings.

I had the pleasure of attending our first meeting of the City of Coral Springs Principals Committee this week.  Did you know that Mr. Vignola, Vice Mayor and other city officials meet with Coral Springs principals several times a year?  We are VERY fortunate to be part of the City of Coral Springs, as Coral Springs City Officials care deeply about our children and about our schools!

The Anti-Defamation League will be training some students at Eagle Ridge Elementary on Friday, October 3.  This is part of our “No Place for Hate” initiative.  We are SO proud of our young Eagle Leaders!

Please log on to our website at to view our Eagle Ridge Parent Handbook as well as other very important information.

IMPORTANT!  On June 9, 2014, the School Board of Broward County approved Resolution 14-88, which would put a $800 Million General Obligation Bond on the November 4th ballot. The proceeds of this bond will be utilized for capital improvements and to purchase technology for teachers and students. SMART stands for: Safety, Music and Art, Athletics, Renovation, and Technology.  or call 754-321-1104.   Thank you.

If you have any concerns, questions, or ideas, which you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher. Our Support Team members and I are also here to help, 754-322-6300. We look forward to seeing you around campus.

Have a wonderful week!

Marina S. Rashid,

The Luckiest and Proudest Principal

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “Fear of sharks if often exaggerated.”  Beach Wisdom, Life Lessons from the Ocean

Class Size and Student Placement
Due to the State Class Size Reduction law, students may need to be moved between teachers after the start of school to ensure compliance with the required student limits.  These limits are 18 students for Pre-Kindergarten to grade 3; 22 students for grades 4 to 8; and 25 students for grades 9 to 12 in core classes.   Please know that students’ needs, will continue to be met through proper instruction and services.


Mrs. Sierra – Assistant Principal  

September is Nationally Recognized as Attendance Awareness Month. Did You Know? Chronic absence not only affects the absentee students, it disrupts learning for an entire classroom when teachers have to repeat lessons for students returning to class. Students who attend school regularly are more likely to graduate and find good jobs. In fact, a high school graduate makes, on average, a million dollars more than a dropout, over a lifetime.             

Mrs. Figas - Literacy Coach

Eagle Ridge Elementary is excited to announce the start of our school-wide Reading Incentive Program called Anchor Yourself Into a Good Book for grades 1-5. The main focus of this program is to encourage students to read interesting, challenging books and reward them for their effort. Prizes will be awarded monthly and levels will vary depending on the grade. The level chart will be posted on our school website for your reference. This chart is a guide to help establish a goal for your child. Happy reading!

Counseling and ESOL Corner – Ms. Davis

If a student feels that he/she is being bullied or if a student thinks that they have witnessed bullying, the “Bully Box” is available for anonymous reporting.  The “Bully Box” is located on the far left counter in the lobby of the front office.  All reports are investigated.  When investigating and determining whether or not a situation was in deed bullying, the behavior has to have ALL the following three RIP elements:

R – Repeated                        I – Imbalance of Power            P – Purposeful

Please keep these three elements in mind when using the “Bully Box” to report.

ESE Corner – Mrs. Devaney

Celebrate Disability History and Awareness Weeks! The first two weeks of October of each year is designated as “Disability History and Awareness Weeks.” Information will be posted on the district website: www.broward.k12.fl.usstudentsuppost/ese/ Disability awareness books are available at Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources (FDLRS) Media Center and at Arthur Ashe Middle School.

Safety Tips – Officer Gasper

Choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional death in children under the age of 5.  Children under age 5 are at greatest risk for choking injury and death.  Toys, household items and foods can all be a choking hazard.  The most common cause of nonfatal choking in young children is food.  Toy manufacturers label toys for choking hazards and some food manufacturers voluntarily label food products as posing a potential choking risk; however, any food can present a choking risk.  Education regarding choking risks, precautions to take in avoiding these risks, and known lifesaving procedures are necessary to eliminate senseless and tragic injuries and deaths caused by choking.


Precautions and Prevention

  • Never leave a small child unattended while eating. Direct supervision is necessary.

  • Children should sit up straight when eating, should have sufficient number of teeth, and the muscular and developmental ability needed to chew and swallow the foods chosen. Children with special health care needs are especially vulnerable to choking risks.

  • Children should not eat when walking, riding in a car or playing.

  • Cut foods into small pieces, removing seeds and pits. Cook or steam vegetables to soften their texture. Cut hot dogs lengthwise and widthwise.

  • Offer plenty of liquids to children when eating, but solids and liquids should not be swallowed at the same time. Offer liquids between mouthfuls.

  • Use only a small amount of peanut butter when the child is ready and use with jelly, or cream cheese on whole grain breads (Remember peanut butter can stick to the roof of a child's mouth and form a glob.)

  • Pay particular attention to those foods, toys and household hazards mentioned that pose choking hazards to ensure child safety.

  • Become familiar with life-saving techniques such as child cardiopulmonary resuscitation, abdominal thrusts (Heimlich Maneuver), Automated External Defibrillators (AED) or calling 911.


Choking Hazards/Foods:
Hot dogs, Popcorn, chips, pretzel nuggets, Candy, cough drops, gum, lollipops, marshmallows, caramels, hard candies, jelly beans, Whole grapes, raw vegetables, raw peas, fruits, fruits with skins, seeds, carrots, celery, and cherries, Dried fruits, sunflower seeds, all nuts, Peanut butter, Ice cubes, cheese cubes

Household Items/Toys:
Bottle Caps, latex balloons, coins, marbles, toys with small parts, small balls, pen or marker caps, button type batteries, medicine syringes, screws, stuffing from a bean bag chair, rings, earrings, crayons, erasers, staples, safety pins, small stones, tiny figures, and holiday decorations including tinsel, or ornaments and lights

Mrs. Diaz-Cafeteria

Due to equipment repair, the Eagle Ridge menu has changed for breakfast and lunch for next week. The menu for Monday 9/29/14  will be Beef Dippers over rice or Ham and Cheese sandwich. Sorry for the inconvenience.

September and October Calendar of Events       
September is European Heritage Month.

October 1st                   Conversation With the District
                                      @ Taravella High School – 6:30 p.m           

October 6th-10th           Book Fair

October 13th – 17th      National School Lunch Week

October 17th                 Fall Festival 6:00 P.M

October 20th                 Picture Day

October 22nd               4th Grade Field Trip - Sawgrass Rec. Park

October 23rd                Fall Parade – 8:30 am
                                      Early Release Day

October 24th               Teacher Planning Day
                                     No School For Children

PTA News

Yogurtland Destination Fundraiser - THANK YOU!

Thank you so much for supporting ERE at our first Destination Fundraiser at Yogurtland on Tuesday! We had a fabulous turnout. It was great seeing our ERE family!

Math Super Stars is having 2 training sessions on Monday September 29th.The first will be held @ 8:30 a.m. in Computer Lab A and the other session will be held at 6:00 p.m. also in Computer Lab A.  We will be going over the MSS program; even if you have participated in the past please attend the training. Please RSVP to Luz Gonzalez at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Volunteer Training for AR will take place on Monday, September 29th in Lab A at 9:15 am. You should have received an email from your committee chairperson. Please contact them if you are unable to attend. 

Orders are due October 2nd for tickets to the Miami Dolphins vs. Minnesota Vikings game. Please send in the paperwork and money Attention PTA. If you cannot find the paperwork you can always get a copy of it in the school office or on our website Friends and family are welcome to go as well. We cannot wait to tailgate with you!

Join us on Friday, October 3rd at 2pm for SPIRIT FRIDAY! Wear your Spirit shirts. To celebrate our ERE spirit and support our school, purchase snow cones for $1.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Join us for the Scholastic Sir Readalot Book Fair and Book Drive, October 6th through the 10th in the Media Center from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., with the Family Night taking place Wednesday, October 8th from 6 to 8 p.m.

We'll also be collecting your old books for the Book Drive in front of the school at drop-off and pick-up or anytime in the front office.

Save the Date!!
Our Fall Festival is scheduled for Friday, October 17th from 6-9pm. More information to come.


Please make sure that you discuss alternate arrangements for your children in case of severe weather, especially if they usually walk or ride their bikes home after school.On days when we have light rain or rain without thunder or lightning, students will be dismissed normally, unless you have made special arrangements with your children.

Whenever there is thundering or lightning, walkers and bike riders will not be released until the severe weather lets up.  In cases of severe weather, even car loop students will stay in their classrooms, Media Center, and/or cafeteria until the weather clears.   Parents will be allowed to pick up their child from the classroom at their discretion.   Please bring along your picture ID.  Remember that our students’ safety is our utmost concern.  We ask for your patience and support, as dismissal will be delayed if there is severe weather in the area.  Crossing guards leave their posts at 2:30 p.m.


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