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May 1, 2015


Dear Eagle Ridge Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:
We celebrated “El Dia del Nino” (International Day of the Child) on Thursday, April 30.  Mrs. Figas, Literacy Coach and I read the bilingual book “The Bossy Gallito” over our school-wide broadcasting system.  Needless to say, it was a fun and educational experience for all of us, which we enjoyed very much.

SMART Initiative Update:  As you know, the SMART Bond initiative passed thanks to YOU!  Eagle Ridge Elementary is part of the first year of approved $100,000. School Choice Enhancement projects.  The process will start with our SAC Team developing a list of two options for our school community to vote.  A Facilities Project Manager has been assigned to our school, Mr. Frank Girardi.  He will be working with us to provide us with technical support and guidance through this process.  Needless to say, we are THRILLED to hear that the process has begun and will keep you posted as our SAC and our parent community are an integral part of this process.  Our next SAC meeting will take place on Monday, May 18 at 2:30 p.m. in our Media Center.  Please plan to be an active participant.  I am counting on you!

We celebrated our wonderful volunteers today during our annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast.  Mrs. Figas, Literacy Coach and Volunteer Coordinator did an AMAZING job planning and organizing this event.  It was so nice to be able to recognize all the hard work that our volunteers put into making our school the great place that it is.  We are very proud to be recipients of the Golden School Award.  Our school has over 400 active volunteers.  Remember volunteers; the impact that you make on our students each day is a mark that will go on to posterity.  Our children will carry your love, compassion, and sense of giving into the future.  THANK YOU, Volunteers!

Due to class size reduction guidelines and bearing in mind that classes must be balanced academically and demographically, we are unable to honor specific teacher requests from parents.  If you are looking for a particular teaching/class management style in your child’s teacher, feel free to write me a letter.  ALL letters MUST be received by Friday, May 29, 2015.  Thank you for your support and cooperation.

The rainy season is here!  Please remember that on days when we have light rain or rain without thunder or lightning, students will be dismissed normally, unless you have made special arrangements with your children.  Whenever there is thundering or lightning, walkers and bike riders will not be released until the severe weather lets up.  In cases of severe weather, even car loop students will stay in their classrooms. Parents will be allowed to pick up at their discretion. Please bring along picture ID. Please remember that our students’ safety is our utmost concern.  We ask for your patience, as dismissal will be delayed if there is severe weather in the area. Thank you for your continued support!

If you have any concerns, questions, or ideas, which you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher. Our Support Team members and I are also here to help, 754-322-6300. We look forward to seeing you around campus.

We hope that you will bike or walk with us to school on Wednesday, May 6!

Have a wonderful week!

Marina S. Rashid,
The Luckiest and Proudest Principal

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “Rainy days also have their gifts.”  Beach Wisdom

Class Size and Student Placement
Due to the State Class Size Reduction law, students may need to be moved between teachers after the start of school to ensure compliance with the required student limits.  These limits are 18 students for Pre-Kindergarten to grade 3; 22 students for grades 4 to 8; and 25 students for grades 9 to 12 in core classes.   Please know that students’ needs, will continue to be met through proper instruction and services. 

Mrs. Sierra – Assistant Principal  
Research shows that most children lose 2-3 months of math learning over the summer. We’re delighted to inform you about a free program offered by TenMarks, an Amazon Company that will provide your child with access to a powerful, personalized summer math program designed to help them reverse summer learning loss.

The program is called TenMarks Summer Math Program and here is how it works.
1.You can visit to pre-register for the program.
2.Before summer break, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to get started.
3.At the start of the program, your child will receive a short diagnostic assessment based on the grade s/he is Completing.
4.The assessment will be automatically graded and TenMarks will create a personalized program designed to prepare your child for the upcoming year.
5.You can create custom rewards to keep your child motivated –pizza, ice cream, or a trip to the zoo! It’s all up to you!

An hour a week is all it takes for your child to strengthen his/her math skills, and prepare for the year ahead. The TenMarks Summer Math Program will guide your child through their personalized program, one topic at a time, helping them refresh what they know, and learn what they don’t. Each assignment contains embedded instruction (hints, video lessons, and interventions) to ensure success. The 3-month program starts at the end of May. To get started, pre-register at

Let’s say goodbye to summer learning loss!


Mrs. Figas - Literacy Coach
Here are some updates for our annual Curriculum Night on May 21st. 

Fourth and Fifth graders, it's time to check the completion progress of your science fair project. According to the suggested timeline provided by the teacher, students should be finalizing their research project by formulating the conclusion, acknowledgements, and making recommendations. Stay on track and manage your time wisely to complete your project by the due date May 4, 2015. There are many resources available through the BEEP student portal at

 Mark your calendars for Eagle Ridge Annual Curriculum Showcase on May 21, 2015.  All science fair projects will be on display that evening. Any questions please call your child's teacher at (754) 322-6300.

Counseling and ESOL Corner – Ms. Davis

  • Our Family Life/Human Sexuality Unit will begin May 15th through May 29th.  Florida Statute 1003.42 requires instruction in Human Sexuality Education as part of a Comprehensive Health Education Program.  The School Board of Broward County, Florida, has authorized teaching Family Life/Human Sexuality (Grade K-5) and HIV/AIDS Prevention (Grades 4 and 5) as a component of Health Education. 

You may review the curriculum content and instructional materials by visiting


ESE Corner – Mrs. Devaney

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month and Mental Health Awareness Month! For more information please visit:

Looking for support? Check out the Support Group for Moms!!!
This group will provide an opportunity for you to share common feelings, fears and expreiences that only parents of a child with a developmental disability can understand.  In addition, the group provides support and community resources addressing topics that are relevant both today and fo rth efuture of your family. 

When: Thursdays 
9:30 to 11:00 a.m 
1st Thursday of the Month from 7:00 to 8:30 PM
2nd Thursday of the Month from
7:00 - 8:30 PM (Single Parents Group)
Where: JAFCO Children’s Ability Center
5100 North Nob Hill Road, Sunrise, FL 33351
954.315.7033 -
Cost: Free of charge
Childcare: $10 per child, $5 per child for each additional child.

If you are interested in learning more about all of our services and programs please contact
Lisa Reingold at 954.315.8681 or 
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Safety Tips – Officer Gasper
Three Parts of CPR

The three basic parts of CPR are easily remembered as "CAB": C for compressions, A for airway, and B for breathing.

C is for compressions. Chest compressions can sometimes restore the flow of blood to the heart, brain, and other organs. CPR begins with 30 chest compressions, followed by two rescue breaths. This cycle is immediately repeated and continued until the child recovers or help arrives. It is not necessary to check for signs of circulation to perform this technique.  According the American Heart Association (AHA), rescuers doing compressions should "push hard, fast, and in the center of the chest."

A is for airway. After 30 compressions have been completed, the victim's airway must be open for breathing to be restored. The tongue may block the airway when someone loses consciousness or may be obstructed by food or another foreign object.

B is for breathing. Rescue breathing is begun after 30 compressions have been completed and the airway is open. Someone performing rescue breathing essentially breathes for the victim by forcing air into the lungs. This procedure includes breathing into the victim's mouth at correct intervals and checking for signs of life.

A CPR course will review correct techniques and procedures for rescuers to position themselves to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to infants, kids, and adults.


May Calendar of Events        
May is Haitian Heritage Month and Jewish Heritage Month.

May 4th-6th                                 Talent Show Auditions

May 5th                                        2nd Grade In House Fieldtrip

May 6th                                         Bike to School

May 7th-8th                                  Mothers Day Cakes

May 11th-15th                              Teacher Appreciation Week      

May 14th                                       5th Grade Fieldtrip JABiztown

May 15th                                       Career Day

May 18th                                        SAC and SAF Meetings
                                                       2:30 p.m. – Media Center

May 18th-22nd                                Book Fair

May 21st                                         Curriculum Night

May 21st                                         Book Fair Family Night
                                                           6:00 p.m.

May 22nd                                        1st Grade Field trip Flamingo Gardens


Variety Show
Auditions will be May 4-6 after school in the music room.
The talent show is scheduled for Wednesday, May 27, from 6:30-9:00


Cafeteria- Mrs. Diaz
In order to ensure that all checks received for payment of student meals have adequate time to be processed by the bank prior to the end of the 2014-2015 school year, checks will no longer be accepted as payment for meal services after April 30, 2015.

Effective May 1, 2015, Food and Nutrition Services cannot accept checks as payment for student meals for the remainder of this school year. 

This does not affect on-line payment access at

If you have any questions, please contact Tashawna Mullen, Food and Nutrition Services, at (754) 321-0244.


Please make sure that you discuss alternate arrangements for your children in case of severe weather, especially if they usually walk or ride their bikes home after school.

On days when we have light rain or rain without thunder or lightning, students will be dismissed normally, unless you have made special arrangements with your children.

Whenever there is thundering or lightning, walkers and bike riders will not be released until the severe weather lets up.  In cases of severe weather, even car loop students will stay in their classrooms, Media Center, and/or cafeteria until the weather clears.   Parents will be allowed to pick up their child from the classroom at their discretion.   Please bring along your picture ID.  Remember that our students’ safety is our utmost concern.  We ask for your patience and support, as dismissal will be delayed if there is severe weather in the area.  Crossing guards leave their posts at 2:30 p.m

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